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Print Environment Assessment, Validation and Benchmark

Most organizations have no idea how much they print or how much they spend on print. To make well informed decisions with respect to internal print optimization, organizations first need to accurately assess and benchmark the current state of the entire print environment. This critical information is used to measure success and identify opportunities.

Print Optimization

Print Optimization reduces cost by optimizing the infrastructure, managing the environment and improving workflow. Getting the right mix of devices in the right place increases user efficiency and satisfaction while reducing the cost of print. Managing that environment tracks and simplifies print to enable IT staff, admin and end users to work more efficiently. Opportunities include:

  • Gaining visibility and management tools
  • Right sizing your device fleet
  • Cloud or Co-op printing
  • Automating Supplies
  • Proactive maintenance
  • Freeing up IT, admin and end user resources
  • Identifying more efficient digital processes


Studies have shown that assessing and optimizing your fleet can save 30% or more; in our own experience, we have seen the cost savings push north of 50%. Many organizations have no idea how much they print, how much it is costing them and why they have the mix of equipment that they do.


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